cassette Album cover


Nature Morte of today was square in the beginning. I re-rendered the scene for the cover, which I designer with a simple minimal typography.


Cinema 4D, Vray, 2018



One day at work I was experimenting in C4D and these 3 images came out eventually.


1. Still Life

2. Nature Morte of today

3. Valley ball


Later I added Diana's project title for her stickers.


Cinema 4D, Vray, 2018

Intro animation


I made a lil 3D text animation that takes 5 seconds of this video. This video is about Rosemary's friend Anastasia who is also an artist making some cyber costume.


Cinema 4D, Vray, 2018

rotating logo Loop


I made a lil 3D logo for D. She gave me a sketch on paper to begin with this shape. Added volume and chrome effect, rotated around.


Cinema 4D, Ps, 2018



Several articles were published mentioning this album, including VICE and NOISEY. Link below


The Village wrote about the video: