Video art from installation 'Freedom, interrupted'

April 14-22, 2022 - Art Weekend 2022

Video for Kedr

This video I shot and edited. Flying over Krasnaya Polyana.
This video I shot and edited. Walking around San Fernando Valley.
Gallery intro I built in 3D and animated.

LoDge 49


I worked on this title sequence as an illustator/animator, drawing vector sun, oil pump field and palm trees, animating them in After Effects, making brick texture for 3D renders.


Produced by Prologue Films.


March 2018



was a short film we produced in a small team of researchers at the New Normal programme at Strelka Institute of Architecture, Media and Design.


I was working on the idea, VFX, graphic design, editing and sound.


Workshop included a trip to Urals with Liam Young

and a tutorial on VFX and post production with Nathan Su.


TEAM: Mary Anaskina, Grigory Chernomordik, Mariia Fedorova, George Papamattheakis

Intro animation


I made a lil 3D text animation that takes 5 seconds of this video.

This video is about Rosemary's friend Anastasia who is also an artist making a cyber costume.


Cinema 4D, Vray, 2018



I worked for this shoot as a designer, drawing vector packages for products on the background shelves.

Art Director: Marc Benacerraf


March 2017

Video intro


Little video intro that we begin every tape with, a video logo for the label.


Numero Russia


Throughout my work at Numero Russia as a Graphic Designer I was also shooting backstage videos. Took a day to film with

a tripod during a fashion shoot shot by a cool photographer and another few days to edit it in a short film.

Illusions, 2014


I'm covered with silver paint interacting with a male figure.

Shot and edited by Diana Burkot for her music video.

Original premiere:

Just cruising, 2014


Video shoot and edit.

Amazons 2000


Original VHS edit. Speculative documentary about amazons in Russia I shot and edited. Also played an amazon princess. :)