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VHS Records operated as a label publishing video art on VHS cassettes from 2015 to 2019. The label's goal was to take the works out of the usual browser window into the physical world in order to experience their uniqueness.


VHS Records was based on 3 fundamental concepts:


Technology - a critique of planned obsolescence. Every day a huge number of new devices are released, they are planned to become obsolete too quickly. It is an endless race for new instant gratification without considering how it will affect us in the future.


Recycling is an eco-theme, recycling and not throwing away as a way of thinking, especially in contemporary art, where anything can be a material. The artist’s personal choice is to create from something new, thereby increasing the amount of waste, or to reuse it, creating from conditionally garbage.


Nostalgia for a time/place you’ve never been to, an artistic atmosphere. Retro style is the personification of the concept.



Sky is changing with every release, as well as the objects on shelf. Each item is clickable and leads to another page.

Logo on the top left corner leads to previous version of the website.

VHS Records logo


Animation I did for a logo.


I am in charge of branding, website and packaging design, social networks content.


C4D, 2015

FORmat stickers Design


Historically VHS tapes were produces in 2 major video formats. I designed these stickers to mark our tapes format, as we produce both.


NTSC (29.97fps) 520 lines - about 640x480 pixels (square) 720x480 rectangular (narrow) pixels


PAL (25 fps) 625 lines - about 768x576 pixels (square) 720x576 rectangular (narrow) pixels

Video intro


Little video intro that we begin every tape with, a video logo for the label.




Tape covers use an image form the video and refer to current online video players with design elements of Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.




Concept in a few words.

Custom social links


More info on the website and all the social networks.

AR app demo - palms growing out of the logo

VHS04 release


I was collaborating on this release with a young artist who created the audio visual work Thriwax Life for VHS Records.

I was in charge of cover design, social media representation and website design for which I created a 3D illustration of a shelf with tapes. I also organized a release party at NII Moscow.


VHS Records record label release #5

Poster for a release party: 5th release of VHS Records record label. I worked on release's concept and representation design of a short film WORD

by Mortal/Cut and Missisippi Landscapes.

More info on the website...