New acrylic on canvas:

Ocean of opportunities, 2024


Location: Bali, Indonesia


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'Unrequited love', 2023, from Love series of work by Mary Anaskina.

Drawing, color pencils, A3.

Drip, 2023

Glazed ceramic, Malkenza by Mary Anaskina.


Recent show:

July 3-9, 2023 at Moscow Museum Creative Week Fest

Organic series by Mary Anaskina.

Defence lvl 100, 2023

Glazed ceramic by Mary Anaskina.


Glazed ceramic, Malkenza Collection.



Glazed ceramic, 2023. Unique sculpture by Mary Anaskina.

Installation at The Art Production Centre "Vaults" Culture centre "GES-2"

on February 17, 2023

Organic Series Glazed ceramic items


Glazed ceramic, Malkenza Collection.


'Future is no longer what it was', 2020

Glazed ceramic by Mary Anaskina.