Sandy Dunes Collection


Freedom, interrupted.

Ceramic, metal, wood, feathers, video.



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To the point. 2020

Ceramic, wood, feather, acrylic, metal.

Crossing the line. 2021

Ceramic, wood, feather, acrylic, metal.

Malkenza Ceramics Collection. 2020-2021


'Future is no longer what it was', 2020

Glazed ceramic.



'Matters', 2020

Glazed ceramic.



''Lil But', 2020

Glazed ceramic.



'Box of issues', 2019

Fabric, ceramic. 28х18х15cm


'Eruption', 2019-20

Ceramic, acrylic, putty.


'Dreamhouse', 2020

Collaborative work with Vadim Mel and Natasha Angashanova.

The house was mine since childhood. Barbie, Made in Italy, 1989


Furniture made of glazed ceramic.


'Dream bubble', 2015

Digital sculpture