was a short film we produced in a small team of researchers at the New Normal programme at Strelka Institute of Architecture, Media and Design.


I was working on the idea, VFX, graphic design, editing and sound.


Workshop included a trip to Urals with Liam Young

and a tutorial on VFX and post production with Nathan Su.


TEAM: Mary Anaskina, Grigory Chernomordik, Mariia Fedorova, George Papamattheakis



Beginning their long history of heavy industrialisation during the second world war and after the new wave of automation in the 21st century, the Ural region has now traversed beyond the post-industrial. Mining, chemical production, vehicle manufacturing and intensive agriculture have found a point of balance with their environment, introducing new types of ecologies. This merge of environmental equilibrium with efficiency and constant improvement is now referenced as a higher value around the world. After the ‘natural’ of the 18th century, and the ‘metropolitan-industrial’ of the modern era, a new kind of sublime emerges; a sublime of the technological and its ecologies. The Urals region, assembling territories of contingent and paradox coexistence, attract pilgrims of the well-balanced ‘production spirit’ and become a new type of spiritual destination for people around the world.

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