Drone video and voice by Mary Anaskina.

Drone Stork

Short film by Robbie Hansen aka Vitamin Wig C

Performer: Mary Anaskina

Cruising 424

Video idea, performance and edit by Mary Anaskina.

"I'm cruising around Venice Beach area on my penny."


Shot and edited by Diana Burkot for her music video.

Performers: Mary Anaskina, Nikita Manin.

"I'm covered with silver paint, interacting with a male figure."

Original release here:

Illusions II


Updated director's cut! Video by Diana Burkot.

Performance artists: Mary Anaskina, Nikita Manin


"The body is the embodiment of love in the material world. New forms of life arise from the fusion of ideas and diversity of views and approaches. When interacting, people exchange energy and experience, acquiring new skills and redefining their own creative boundaries. Collaborations in the arts encourage the exchange of ideas and rethinking of one's own creative processes. Each participant brings their own perspective and talent to their interactions, enriching the work with variety and depth.


The process of transforming ideas and concepts into physical forms and objects promotes creative enrichment and the creation of new creative values that expand the boundaries of art and introduce new harmonies, emotions and ideas."

Amazons 2050


Speculative documentation of an amazon tribe living in a forest.

Original VHS edit.
Director: Maria Anaskina

Performers: Mary Anaskina, Victoria Chekmeneva


Voice reading:



Recorded voices for the game.

Signed as OG Brat.

Mixes I uploaded: